Just a question

I'm Like an old piano I'm just not in tune Life is so frenzied as I run to and fro Seems there’s a..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.03.26
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Be Still

Be Still and know that I am God… What does that mean?
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.03.20
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Breaking news: Saturday Church Service cancelled

We'll be live streaming the service instead.
Media Team - 2020.03.17
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The Prayer Box

How do we shine Gods love? When they look at us Do people see his face face? And learn of his Grac..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.02.29
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The Church I See

The Church I see I see a church active in proclaiming the gospel and Christ’s soon return I see a ..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.02.12
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22nd Kongres Programme

Looking for the live stream? Click here.For general Congres information, click here. Thusday 26 De..

Congress Anthem Song

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Media Team - 2019.12.16

Baptism – Olivia & Danielle

Media Team - 2017.11.27
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Dandenong Church in "Safe Haven" campaign

The "3 Angels Nepal" organisation from Nepal has turned to Australia for help. In response the Aus..
Elżbieta Stacherska-Kot - 2017.04.05
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