Who created God?

It’s an illogical question.
Don Batten - 2016.06.24
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Holy war?

Who really opposed Darwin? Popular beliefe has it back to front...
James Foard - 2016.01.25
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Potatoes and ‘white chimpanzees'

Charles Kingsley once described some of the population of Ireland as ‘white chimpanzees’! So who w..
Russell Grigg - 2016.01.14
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Time – no friend of evolution

Our downhill genetic slide fits the biblical creation timeline
David Catchpoole - 2015.10.29

Familiarity breeds … respect?

Although widely respected, the Grand Theory of Evolution is really quite preposterous.
Don Batten - 2015.10.23

Robots will not take over the world

Expert says artificial intelligence involves some dangerous myths
Carl Wieland - 2015.10.08

Evidences for a young age of the earth and universe

No scientific method can prove the age of the universe or the earth. All calculated ages involve m..
Don Batten - 2015.09.23

Atheism needs evolution

Does evolution ‘fall out’ of the facts?
Calvin Smith - 2015.09.16