Sedimentary blankets

Visual evidence for vast continental flooding
Tas Walker - 2015.12.17

Should we trust the Bible?

Since Creation Ministries International is based on the Bible, the question arises, why should the..
Jonathan Sarfati - 2015.11.30

15 Questions for Evolutionists

Evolution: the naturalistic origin of life and its diversity
Don Batten - 2015.11.06

The Well – photo exhibition by Joanna Majchrowska, Adelaide

Joanna’s photo exhibition is extraordinary. It’s a journey to her roots going back to Biała Podlas..
Bogusław Kot - 2015.07.15

Indispensable Love

Jesus once said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” In oth..
Trent Martin - 2015.05.27

Indispensable People

Every now and then, I ask myself what’s most important in my life. Is it the size of my bank accou..
Trent Martin - 2015.02.16

A powerful message

It started off as a typical saturday morning youth service...
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