Columns | Published 2013/08/30

A powerful message

It started off as a typical saturday morning youth service...

A month ago, something rather special happened.
It started off as a typical saturday morning youth service; We sung, we prayed, and we studied the lesson.
The atmosphere was warm, the people friendly. When the sermon was about to begin, we had little idea of what we were in for. The speaker was Dwain Esmond - a writer, and an author visiting from the USA. He shared fascinating life experiences, and spoke with a conviction that was hard to ignore.

Eleven people made the decision to be baptized on that very day.
Two, from our congregation.

Without further ado, the video is below.

You may see more videos from his visit and plenty of other great videos on the Victorian Adventist TV website.

Dwain Esmond - is a writer, author, editor and public speaker. He currently serves as Vice-President of editorial services for the Review and Herald, overseeing the development of all the publishing house's content.