Innovating Mission for a Secular World

In a rapidly changing world, where traditional structures and practices are evolving, the concept ..
Tom Kasprzak - 2024.01.29
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Be His Witness (Week of Prayer 2023)

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Media Team - 2023.09.04
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Pastor Roman Chalupka has passed away

It is with great sadness that I kindly inform you that our dear pastor, Roman Chalupka, passed awa..
Pastor Paweł Ustupski - 2023.07.27
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Prayer For The Moment

Father we want to thank-you for your Son Jesus and we claim his death as our life in his resurrect..
Tom Kasprzak - 2021.12.02
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The Church I See

The Church I see I see a church active in proclaiming the gospel and Christ’s soon return I see a ..
Tom Kasprzak - 2021.08.07
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The Blessing

The Blessing I love meditating on the following words in scripture. The words of blessing that God..
Tom Kasprzak - 2021.02.20
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The Church I See

The Church I See Way back in my very first post titled "The Church I see" I had been at a crossroa..
Tom Kasprzak - 2021.01.15
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A prayer for the new year

A Prayer for the new year Lord I confess that you are God and our lord and saviour. I come before ..
Tom Kasprzak - 2021.01.02
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A while ago

My latest prayer journal entry was spent looking back over the past year or so meditating on how G..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.12.06
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In my last post I talk about giving to God what is in your hand as an act of worship. But what exa..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.10.17
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