The WordSmith | Published 2021/01/15

The Church I See

By Tom Kasprzak

The Church I See

Way back in my very first post titled "The Church I see" I had been at a crossroads. 

Some years ago the local church I had been attending for the past few years, a place where I had found a home and community was no longer. This community that had nurtured me into a deeper relationship with my God and saviour was gone.

I asked my self what kind of church community do I want to be a part of? I was looking for a new church home.

Spending time in prayer and asking God to lead my thoughts in writing a few ideas down. Writing some seemingly random thoughts down really cemented in my mind the kind of church that I see and want to be a part of.

And so the search began. Do I join a hip young church? Maybe something more traditional? Or maybe a home church? Will it be in the city or somewhere closer?

In the end I came to the realisation, wait... God gave me the realisation that the kind of chuch community that I'm looking for needs to start with me. All the things I was wanting from a church community need to start with me

My own heart. My relationship with God. My relationships with others. My attitude.

It seems I have come full circle, once again I feel I am at a crossroad.

In this Post COVID world what will my church be like? What would I like it to be?

Every time I read back though by prayer journal I see what I wrote some years ago, calling me.

The Church I see.


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