The WordSmith | Published 2021/08/07

The Church I See

By Tom Kasprzak


The Church I see

I see a church active in proclaiming the gospel and Christ’s soon return

I see a church bringing hope to those without hope

Finding those who are lost

Feeding those who are hungry

Standing up for injustice

I see a church filled with the Holy Spirit and not bound by culture, language or tradition

I see a church that’s alive and shares its blessings until the city it’s in sees Christ’s glory and knows his name

I see a church that’s a beacon who’s members are lighthouses

Pointing the way to Jesus 

Rescuers of those that are shipwrecked because of life’s hardships

I see a church who

Always says yes

Always says it can be done

Always stands up


Always sits down with those on the margins

A church never satisfied with the status quo

A church that’s creative and restless

Relentless in the pursuit of Gods presence

I see a church who’s members give until it hurts

Because God always has more

I see a church that welcomes all to the loving arms of the saviour

Without judgment

Without fear

Without condemnation

Where forgiveness and restoration is plentiful

A church thats real and over flowing

A garden.... where the Holy Spirit’s seeds flourish and produce flowering crop

I see a church where young and old come together in worship each bringing their gifts into full abundance.

I see a church active in waiting for Christ’s soon return

I see a church that walls can not contain

A church that’s part of the community not just in it

I see a church that thinks big but is interested in the smallest and lowest of humanity.

A church that’s not just a building

I see a church who’s members are the building blocks with Christ at the center as their firm foundation

I see a church

And the church I see starts with me.

Tom Kasprzak



Anonymous (Ryszard) 1 years ago

Witam To piękne przesłanie,taki kościół to marzenie ,czy realne? Ale przecież można mieć marzenia,więc zacznę od siebie. Pozdrawiam z Polski