The WordSmith

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The prayer journal entry below was inspired by meditating on the words written by Paul in Romans 7..
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Fleeting Moments

Have you ever had an experience with God that has left you completely in awe, completely speechles..
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The Church Building

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis the last few weeks the church building has been empty while eve..
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Who Am I?

I praised God with tears of joy rolling down my face right there siting on that bus. And I remembe..
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Day 1

Is this not how Jesus treats us when we come to him? Does he not adorn us with flowers of grace?
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From the Garden to the Cross

Seek God, Keep Moving, Chose Love....
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Just a question

I'm Like an old piano I'm just not in tune Life is so frenzied as I run to and fro Seems there’s a..
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Be Still

Be Still and know that I am God… What does that mean?