The WordSmith | Published 2021/01/02

A prayer for the new year

By Tom Kasprzak


A Prayer for the new year

Lord I confess that you are God and our lord and saviour. 

I come before your throne with thankfulness in my heart. 

Thank you for the prayers you have already answered and for the prayers you will answer.

I have some specific requests to bring before you

I pray that we can have clarity and direction in your leading, stability in our thinking and motivation to pursue your presence.

I pray that you give us the peace of mind that only your love can offer.

And as we move into the new year may our jobs and careers flourish and may we not forget to honour you with our finances.

I pray that the end of 2020 heralds something good to kickstart 2021

Let there be healings and miracles, signs and wonders all for your glory.

Lord I pray for those who are hurting in anyway to find restoration and healing in your presence. 

As a church and as individuals guide us to those hurting people with a humble heart and a generous spirit so we can shine your love towards them.

Lord I want to pray for those who have prayers in their hearts right now

incline your ear make your presence felt in a powerful way in their lives, because you are the God who listens when we call out your name

You do keep your promises because we are your children. 

Lord we confess that we don’t always follow you, we don’t always get things right and we mess up a lot. 

I thank you for your Son Jesus who died so that we could live and our mess has become your success. 

Father I want to thank you for the opportunity to be able to gather together in your presence reflecting just a little bit of heaven down upon us today. 

I thank you and I praise your name