The WordSmith | Published 2020/12/06

A while ago

By Tom Kasprzak


My latest prayer journal entry was spent looking back over the past year or so meditating on how God has lead my life over the past little while. To be honest I don't think this journal entry is quite finished there is still more in this conversation I want to say.

I just can't seem to find the words for the emotions that flow out when I think about how far I have come in my journey with him.

Maybe the conversation feels unfinished because there is so much more of the journey yet to go? So much more I need to learn. What an exciting journey, I cant wait to see what God will do next.

To go higher. To go deeper. To trust harder. To be kinder. To love more. To let go and let God

A while ago

A while ago I prayed  Lord

Show me something new

Make a change

Close some doors and open others

Give me strength to follow you

To step off that ledge,  jump off that cliff into the unknown 

Trusting you to catch me,  lead the way

And bring me safely home


Lord I need you every day 


A while a go I prayed

That some things must change

And change they did

You inclined your ear

listened to my prayer

How can I now not follow you?

For I know that you are there


A while ago I sang Lord

Is there something I can do?

Make me your vessel

Make me an offering

Make me whatever you want me to be


A while ago you answered Lord

Stirred my heart

A leading, a call from heaven 

Irresistible, too hard to ignore

All I need to do is trust in you 

And step through that open door


Now you lead me Lord

Lead me through that open door

You took my hand

And said look, alone here you do not stand

I am here and so are others just like you who have listened to my call

Just take my hand

You said come

Follow me, there’s a life filled with peace and joy so deep

Just watch it overflow.

Speaking for myself I often don't see the road he's lead me on until I look back to see the footsteps. 

How's your journey with God? Have you looked back and thought about it? Have you thought about how he has lead you to bring you where you are?