Dear Friends,

Dear Friends, Each time when I write to you I put forth two goals for myself: firstly, I want to c..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.09.19

Ministering like Jesus

This is the title of the previous week’s Sabbath school lesson, where we read in the introduction:..
Bogusław Kot - 2020.09.17

Dear church family,

I can’t believe its already September! By now many of us hoped to be out and enjoying some ease of..
Josh Stadnik - 2020.09.12

My Dear Co-Believers,

My Dear Co-Believers, Sometimes an event or some experiences cause different and deep reflections...
Roman Chalupka - 2020.09.05

Reminder - Take 2

How quickly I forget How soon I need reminding Like a lost sheep I need a shepherd to take me back..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.09.02
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Hey Church family!

Hey Church family! I hope you are keeping well, staying sane and being somewhat productive! I know..
Josh Stadnik - 2020.08.29

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Lord,

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Lord, Time is running so fast. No long ago I wrote to you a lette..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.08.22

Dear church family,

Dear church family, Again it is my honour to be writing to you all. This week I’d love to provide ..
Josh Stadnik - 2020.08.15

Only one

One of my favourite passages in the bible is found in Mark 5: 1-20. This is the story of the demon..
Tom Kasprzak - 2020.08.08
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My Dear Co-wanderers

My Dear Co-wanderers, I hope, I am not exaggerating. Firstly, all of us are wandering, secondly, w..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.08.08