Pogrzeb K Pinkowska

W niedzielę 20 marca 2016 w godzinach południowych zmarła nasza droga siostra Kazimiera Pinkowska,..
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Friday JAM - Jesus and Me

After the summer break we are back with our Friday JAM meetings! This time we will be talking abou..
Media Team - 2016.03.02
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Holy war?

Who really opposed Darwin? Popular beliefe has it back to front...
James Foard - 2016.01.25
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Polish Congress – feedback form

XX Congress of Polish Adventist in Australia is behind us. Each of participants has his opinion an..
Media Team - 2016.01.15
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Potatoes and ‘white chimpanzees'

Charles Kingsley once described some of the population of Ireland as ‘white chimpanzees’! So who w..
Russell Grigg - 2016.01.14
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Polish Congress 2016 - photos

Mike Wawruszak - 2016.01.03
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Happy New Year!

Dear Sisters, dear Brothers in Christ!One of the questions I am asked most often is like this: Is ..
Roman Chalupka - 2016.01.03

Sabbath, December 26th

Watch now newest sermon from 26th of December presented by pastor Roman Chalupka.
Media Team - 2015.12.29
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True Identity

On coming Thursday is starting XX Congress of Polish Seventh-day Adventists in Australia. Check ou..
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Sabbath, December 19th

Watch now newest sermon from 19th of December presented by pastor Jarosław Dzięgielewski. Sermon t..
Media Team - 2015.12.21