Sabbath, July 25th

You can watch now newest sermons from 25th of July presented by Br Herb Kersten. Topic was 2300 Ye..

Herb Kersten again at Dandenong Polish

We invite you to participate in two meetings with brother Herb Kersten on July 25, 2015. Br Kerste..

The Well – photo exhibition by Joanna Majchrowska, Adelaide

Joanna’s photo exhibition is extraordinary. It’s a journey to her roots going back to Biała Podlas..

For help Vanuatu

It’s already few months since a category 5 cyclone hit Vanuatu. In the news, we have seen the deva..

New photo gallery!

We would like to inform, that we running new photo gallery: Maranatha Senior's Club. You can see t..
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Sabbath, July 4th

Watch now photos and video from last Sabbath. Remember that in Audio section you can listen and do..
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William Miller: preacher of the Advent

William Miller was an unlikely candidate for ministry. Born in the north-eastern United States in ..

God's Word came with power…

God's Word came with power, through our sister, Moe. Such a well known story to Christians, the st..

Indispensable Love

Jesus once said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” In oth..

Indispensable People

Every now and then, I ask myself what’s most important in my life. Is it the size of my bank accou..