At Church | Published 2016/09/08

Pastor Sténio Gungadoo passed away

By Roman Chalupka
On the 20th of August 2016 pastor Sténio Gungadoo, former pastor at Dandenong Polish-Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church, passed away at the age of 71. Pastor Sténio died during his service for the Lord, that he loved so much and never left, preaching during the camp meeting in Kenya. Though facing some health problems he was still active in his service for the Lord. During the last two years he travelled to many countries to tell others about Christ and lead them to salvation. He also visited Poland, where he conducted the series of meetings in the South Polish Conference of SDA Church.
Pastor Sténio Gungadoo served in our church quite a few times, filling the temporal absence of pastors caring for this church. Those months he served with his great experience and biblical knowledge, caring for many matters with all his heart. Highly regarded in many places in the world as a doctor of theology he took many responsible positions in the leadership of the church in Australia, as well as on Pacific Islands, and also in Africa. He came from Mauritius, where he grew up, finished his first school and where he also started his work. He completed further education in the Seminary in France and later in the United States of America, at Andrews University.
Pastor S. Gungadoo was the first person from the Victorian Conference I met in Australia. He greeted us in 2012 at the airport in Melbourne. I found him as a warm, cordial and extremely helpful man. Later so many times he served with advice and helped introduce me to many different aspects of service in Australia, always ready to help and cooperate.
The funeral services took place on Thursday, 8th of September 2016 in the Seventh-say Adventist Church in Nunawading and later in Springvale Botanical Cemetery. The services were conducted by many pastors from the Victorian Conference as well as the representative of the General Conference of the SDA Church in USA, who is related to pastor Gungadoo, pastor Gilbert Cangy, in the presence of a large crowd of friends and members from many SDA churches in Melbourne. A special address to the grieved family and members was sent by pastor Ted and Nancy Wilson, the world president of the SDA Church. 
Pastor S. Gungadoo left his wife, Maryse and their only son, Daryl with his family and large extended family. He’ll stay in our memory as a dedicated servant of God, deeply believing man, who lived with hope to meet his Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. 
To his wife, Maryse, as well as son Daryl with his family and the whole extended Gungadoo family we express our deepest words of compassion, with wishes God’s care and support.