Pastor's corner | Published 2020/04/18

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

By Roman Chalupka

It is another occasion to send to you my letter to comfort you, support and assure that every day you are in my prayers and the reason for sincere care. I do not know how long this time of separation will last when we are not able to attend our common worship in our church, but I want to be in touch with you through my letters. 

I want to thank you so very much for your good words expressed to me by phone or your letters sent by e-mail. This is the way I know you read them and this encourages me to continue this in the future. 

Very often I think how we spend your time. So let me share with you my daily customs and some suggestions what we can do when “being sentenced” to stay day by day in our homes.
I hope this is part of your routine anyway, but why not repeat it again in a few points. 

  1. We now have a lot of time to meditate on what the Lord has done for everyone of us. So every day try to find one special Bible verse to meditate on. Today I suggest to take my beloved verse that changed my personal life a long time ago. It comes from apostle Paul (Romans 5:8) — But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. 
  2. Let’s read God’s Word every day, even more than we used to. For, as we have learned in Sabbath School lesson for this week, Jesus used the Scripture so often so it means He knew it well. If we want to follow His example, we have to learn more and more from God’s Word.
  3. Try to move a lot every day accordingly to your strength and possibilities. By this I mean walking for short distances or doing some light physical exercises.
  4. Sing well known songs, for our singing and music ennoble our characters, as said one philosopher, and if it is for God’s glory, for sure we change for better and better. This can help us to cope with many other daily responsibilities and work.
  5. Prepare for the Sabbath. As usually we have possibilities to participate in Sabbath worship through Internet, still in two seperate languages. This time in Polish I am going to preach about our holiness. I wonder how it sounds for you: our holiness!? But we can read about it so many times in the Bible. I encourage you to listen to this sermon as well as the other one in English by pastor Josh.
  6. For those of you who are at ease with the technical side of life I want to encourage to participate in Sabbath School via Zoom. We can see each other and take part in discussion. Below you can find the information how to do it. For all others we’ll stream the Hope Channel lesson in both languages as before.Call each other, pray with each other on the phone and help each other. Some time ago
    I encouraged you to do te so called “operation Andrew”. Let’s be like apostle Andrew, who first wanted to “find his brother Simon and … brought him to Jesus” (John 1:41,42). We have our neighbours and friends who need the Saviour in their life so much but don’t know Him yet. Let’s help them to know Jesus. And if I can be in any way help for you in something – call me, please: 0432 058 233. 
    Who knows if organising our days in such a way we’ll not create new habits, to treasure much more what we lost during last weeks and engage in everything what we can do for God’s glory. 

I greet you from my heart. May God be with you all the time.
pastor Roman Chalupka