The WordSmith | Published 2020/03/27

From the Garden to the Cross

By Tom Kasprzak/Chari Orozco
Seek God, Keep Moving, Chose Love....

I'm an avid fan of podcasts I listen to them any chance I get.

Some of my friends will tell you that I often overwhelm them with messages and links to different podcasts I've been listening to.

I Cry in Corners is one of my favorite. This week Chari had short a powerful message to share for these challenging times we find ourselfs in.

Its definatly worth a listen, below i've written a short snippet from Chari's Podcast.

From the Garden to the Cross

Seek God

Keep Moving

Chose Love

Speak Life

Be Hope

Embrace Silence

Suffer Well

Inspire Up

Focus on family

Live surrendered

As a result, Life Will Happen 

By Chari Orozco