William Miller: preacher of the Advent

William Miller was an unlikely candidate for ministry. Born in the north-eastern United States in ..
George Knight - 2015.07.06
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God's Word came with power…

God's Word came with power, through our sister, Moe. Such a well known story to Christians, the st..
Peter Grochocki - 2015.06.09

Indispensable Love

Jesus once said, “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.” In oth..
Trent Martin - 2015.05.27

Indispensable People

Every now and then, I ask myself what’s most important in my life. Is it the size of my bank accou..
Trent Martin - 2015.02.16

Question Evolution!

A special programme organized by Creation Ministries, November 1st.
Editor - 2014.10.10
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Kids fun day

Sunday, 6'th of April. 10am - 3pm! Activities include games, jumping castles, face painting, farm ..
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XIX Kongres Polonii w AU

Czwartek / Thursday Evangelist Herb Kersten - „Strata zwycięzcy” / „The Winner’s Loss” Pr Henryk P..
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Kongres Programme

Thursday, 26.12.20136-9pm Official opening of the 19th Congress (Pr Roman Chalupka, Pr Jan Jankiew..

19th Congress of Polish Seventh-day Adventists in Australia

"...that I may gain Christ"
Redakcja - 2013.12.17

Br Slawek Wawrzonek has passed away

To all who knew bro Slawek Wawrzonek we have a sad news.This afternoon Slawek (brother of Pastor R..