At Church | Published 2015/07/12

For help Vanuatu

By Kornel Bogusławski

It’s already few months since a category 5 cyclone hit Vanuatu. In the news, we have seen the devastation after the storm where wind speeds reached 340 km/h. Citizens of Vanuatu lost homes, their livelihood – very often all what they have. Fifty four Adventist Churches have been destroyed.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has reacted immediately and has sent water, food, necessities and clothes. Now is the time to help our fellow Adventists to rebuild their Churches. ADRA and other groups of people around Australia and New Zealand are collecting founds to buy building materials and organise volunteers who will go to Vanuatu to help rebuild churches.

In our church, brother Zygmunt Ostrowski has appealed to gather funds and organise volunteer builders who will travel to help. Church members are collecting money for a special Vanuatu fund and on 4th of July a special concert took place where $3500 were collected in offerings. After the concert an anonymous donor double the collected amount of money and another two other people donated another $1000 each. So together $9000 was collected.
Thanks to the God for the warm hearts and generosity of people! All money will be spent on building materials and transportation to Vanuatu while all volunteers will pay their own travel expenses.

The concert was performed by the following artists: on piano – Markos (from Chile), Andrzej Dorecki, Roman Chalupka; children choir – Joyful Singers, conducted by Jola Mielczarek and Helena Biernof; from young generation only two persons: Malwina Smalec – solist and Nadia Widuch – violin; Bogusław Kot – saw; Małgosia Smalec – solist with Marek Smalec playing accompaniment – guitar; Jola Mielczarek – solist; vocal trio – Marek Kocur, Patricia Cieślar with Leuda Brook playing accompaniment.

Before we collected funds Andrzej Tomasiuk recited poetry.

The concert was lead by Zygmunt Ostrowski, who was translated by pastor Roman Chalupka.