Pastor's corner

Dear Church Family, my Sisters and Brothers,

After a brake of one week I’m writing to you again. We have decided with brother Josh Stadnik, our..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.05.02

Hey Church!

What a weird, wacky, and interesting time we’re living in. This is what, week four of social isola..
Josh Stadnik - 2020.04.25

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It is another occasion to send to you my letter to comfort you, support and assure that every day ..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.04.18

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Dear co-travellers to eternity

I greet you so warmly and wish you God’s grace and blessings in every moment of your day.I didn’t ..
Roman Chalupka - 2020.04.11

Pastor's Corner

Roman Chalupka - 2016.12.28
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Happy New Year!

Dear Sisters, dear Brothers in Christ!One of the questions I am asked most often is like this: Is ..
Roman Chalupka - 2016.01.03