Pastor's corner | Published 2016/01/03

Happy New Year!

By Roman Chalupka

Dear Sisters, dear Brothers in Christ!

One of the questions I am asked most often is like this: Is it possible
that the time flows faster nowadays?
All of us have such impression that everything goes must fast, we cannot make everything on time, we rush and push all the time and it is so difficult to realise that
if we feel so, we should rejoice, for the coming of our Lord is much closer than we can comprehend. Therefore with all my heart, just two days before the New Year 2016 I want to wish you God’s care His power and guidance everyday. Let our wonderful God cause it that living more and more with this great hope, everyone of us will be not only the conquerer for himself, but also benefit, support and joy for others we are surrounded by. Let our good God be with us all always.