At Church | Published 2010/07/25

Desert Busters

Desert Busters South Australia Trip

In June 2010, Stefanie and Tim Luszczak set out into the deserts of South Australia, with 45 other students and staff from all sorts of schools across Australia. Students from Kempsey and Tweed Valley Adventist schools (NSW) were part of a program initiated by Elwyn Scale at Delhuntie Park (VIC) and a team of staff, with a primary focus isolating young people from technologies, pressures and influences of their normal environmnets.

The program involved walking across a desert environmnet for 130km in 6 days. Backed by support vehicles and a safety network, students were pushed to their physical limits during the day, but then were challenged with mental, social and emotional hardships around the campfire, as the team of staff created a positive environment in order for young individuals to share, cry, laugh, open, witness, get angry, and love one another... Before coming on the 'Desert Busters Trip', Many students had very 'low self-worth' and were victims of neglect, family abuse, drugs and were labbled as perhaps 'Youth at Risk'.

For their achievements, students were awarded the oppurtunity to climb Ayres Rock, but unfortunately was interupted by bad weather and closure of the climb was inevitable. Neverthless, it was a Journey indeed... and perhaps its not the destination of where you are going that's important, but the journey itself.

Stefanie and Tim's role were to cook for approximately 25 people, be drivers, camp assisstants, and climbing specialists.

Faith in Jesus,

Stefanie and Tim Luszczak

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