The WordSmith | Published 2020/08/08

Only one

By Tom Kasprzak


One of my favourite passages in the bible is found in Mark 5: 1-20. This is the story of the demon possessed man who ran towards Jesus when he saw Jesus getting out of the boat after leaving the crowds.

Jesus had been teaching and healing thousands of people, when it seems suddenly he decides to take a boat across the sea and find "the one" that was lost and in need of him.

Meditating on this story I can just visualise this madman (probably a Collingwood Football Club supporter) running towards Jesus with all his might as fast as he can. It would have been a terrifying sight to see a tattered man, with the remains of chains and shackles dragging behind him and blood coming from his self inflicted cuts. I can see the disciples terrified staying in the boat while Jesus spoke to this demon possessed madman.

There is so much in this story which had social and political implications a the time but I like to reflect on the personal story of the madman. Seeing the story through the madman's eyes I reflect on how he must have felt after speaking with Jesus and after what Jesus did for him.

I can see myself being freed from the chains others have put on me with their expectations & traditions. I no longer listen to the voices that tell me I'm not good enough or I'll never measure up. I can feel the wounds I've inflicted on my own soul with these thoughts being healed, and this is just a small snippet of the story.

I am who Jesus sais I am!!

The words below are what I wrote in my prayer journal a few years ago after meditating on the words in Mark 5: 1-20 these words continue to hold true.


My chains are broken

You have mercy on me

Even if I was the only one

You would still give your life for me.

Through stormy ocean &  the depths of the sea  you go to meet me. 

Waiting with arms wide open as I run to you from afar.

On my knees worshiping before you

Praising your name

Shouting your glory

Proclaiming your fame

My chains are broken

You're here with me

Holding me close

Embracing me

You tell me you love me

That I'm Precious in your sight

Like diamonds, rubies & sapphires

If I'm the only one

you would still come to find me 

Even the grave cant keep you away!

Here at your feet hearing your voice, touching your nail pierced hands is where I want to stay

My Saviour!

My King!

The Captain of the ship that is my life

You guide me to safety through stormy waters & tempest sea

My chains are broken there's no more shame

You hung and died on that cross and took my blame

The only one -

You came to find me & set me free

My heart's on fire

Burning a blaze

I know who I am

I am your child

The precious one!

There's more like me out there precious on your sight

All bound in chains with millstones of sadness sorrow & shame

Desperately, Desperately!! searching for something or someone to light a candle & shine the way to you

So they will also be free

Lord take the veil from my eyes to see them clearly

And let that little light be me.