The WordSmith | Published 2020/07/23

The Church Building - Take 2

By Tom Kasprzak
Youtube The Church Building
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Walking through the empty building I wanted to take some photos. I think the images convey how I was feeling at the time. 

Ponder on these questions-

What is church for you?

How does it make you feel to see the building empty?

Lately I've been asking myself this question-

Even though we are socially isolated and cannot meet at the building how can my church still be the vibrant , spirit filled place that I envisioned in my very first blog post? (The Church I see.) 

My Prayer at this socially dislocated time is-

What can I do to fill another's spiritual cup in this time?  Lord you have given me a vision of a church powerful, spirit lead and centred on the character of Jesus, please show me the way to live this out in a practical way.