The WordSmith | Published 2020/05/22


By Tom Kasprzak

The prayer journal entry below was inspired by meditating on the words written by Paul in Romans 7 and 8.

Romans 7: 14-25 in particular. The struggle of our own sinful naure in contrast to the love, forgivness and justice of Jesus' victory on the cross.



How quickly I forget 

How soon I need reminding 

Though I’ve seen and experienced Gods grace 

Im thick and stubborn hearted 

I know he's there but somehow I don't, I won't or can't lean on him

What is it in my nature?, what is it in my being? That won't let me from my own will be the parted.

But yet… I don't want him to end this fire within he has started 

I surrender 

To his will

To his love

I want and I accept his grace

I know and have assurance one day I’ll meet him face to face.

Stand before him and give him all my Praise

In reverend worship Kneel before him 

Oh! What a meeting that will be

When I’ll meet him there in glory under that life giving tree

Like a father he’ll embrace me and welcome me home 

I’m his child, his precious one

And yet....


How quickly I forget

How soon I need reminding

Like a lost sheep I need a shepherd to take me back 

And set me on the right path

As I constantly stray and lose my way

Return me to his loving arms

Away from danger and self inflicted harms

And again I will surrender to his love and to his will

I want to follow him, step out in faith, move that mountain, jump off that ledge

....But still!!



How quickly I forget

How soon I need reminding

That his love is always there

How much longer will I take it for granted?

How often will I stray?

Though I often do the opposite it’s in his embrace I want to stay

Though I’m dirty and unclean 

He offered me! the greatest gift the world has ever seen

Jesus God himself

Blameless,... he took on my sin, my shame

The creator he came and took my blame

Beaten tortured On the cross his life he gave for me

So I can live a life that’s free

And still...!!

He dose his great work in me


Tieless and never ending 

He will cross the angry sea


Walk on water if needs be

He will go to the ends of the earth

Send out an army

To find the lost sheep 

The lost sheep that is me

Then He will gather me up, peace me together 

... literally 

Again and again he will bring me back

Back to the shelter of his love

Until the day he comes in glory

With clouds of angels from above

.... and then 

At his call I’ll rise to meet him 

At the trumpet sound

To live with him for ever

My God, my saviour,, my friend. my captain, my light, my compass, the ultimate GPS

Oh blessed assurance Jesus is mine!!

Jesus is mine

O what a foretaste of glory divine

I’m a Heir of salvation, I’m a purchase of God

Born of His Spirit, I’m washed in His blood

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine!

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine!

He is mine!

And I am his.