At Church | Published 2012/06/03

Barbara O'Neill

Do You Want Better Health?

Better Health Lectures 7 – 9pm

Barbara O'Neill is a Naturopath and Nutritionist who has a true gift of natural healing. She is a popular national and international speaker with the ability to make complex health principles very simple to understand and apply in your life.

Tuesday 3rd July              Natural Treatment for Diseases

Wednesday 4th July         The Liver - The body's Project Manager

Thursday 5th July            Heart Health & High Blood Pressure

Friday 6th July                 Water & Salt balance in your body


Cost: $15 per session at the door or pre-book on-line and

pay S10 per session or $30 for all 4 sessions


Saturday 11am - 1pm      Overcoming Depression (No cost for this Health Session - main part of our usual church service)


All Lectures at - 100 James Street, Dandenong

Seventh-Day Adventist Church  Melway: 90 C3

For more information please conatct Liz: (03) 9796 8885 or 0400 195 330


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