At Church | Published 2011/10/20


Dalila, and her baby Eshe


All Dalila knew was hunger. She couldn't remember the last time she'd eaten.

More distressing - she didn't know how she was going to feed her tiny baby, Eshe.

That was before ADRA.

Dalila, and her baby Eshe, were among the 1200 families who received emergency food parcels and water supply as part of ADRA Australia's emergency response in Kasaala, Kenya. Dalila, and others in her community, each received lifesaving food like maize, beans, vegetable oil, salt - enough to last two months!

ADRA also took care of the children, ensuring Eshe and other babies received lifesaving nutritional soy milk.

In the face of the enormous crisis in the Horn of Africa, it can sometimes feel too overwhelming.

But the truth is - you can do something. You can bring life and hope to thousands!

Did you know it only costs $6 to feed a tiny child, like Eshe, for an entire month? With the government's special pledge, you can now feed two children!

It only costs $20 to feed a mother, like Dalila, for an entire month. With the government's pledge you can now feed two people living in desperate need. Please, make the most of this incredible opportunity to make a lifesaving difference in someone's life!

If you have already given a gift to our East Africa Drought Appeal we say a heartfelt thank you! Your generosity will see thousands of lives saved in the Horn of Africa.

If you haven't, please call us toll-free on 1800 24 ADRA (2372) or donate securely online.

Thank you for giving of yourself, to help others!