At Church | Published 2011/07/17


By Kornelka
by Kornelia Jaworski

Maria Jadwiga Bartosik was born on the 21st of September 1961 in the town of Bielsko-Biala Poland, to parents Wanda and Jozef Sweirczek. Maria has four siblings: sister Krysia and three brothers Staszek, Czesu, and Henryk. (Who live in Poland). Maria was raised in a village called Rybarzowice. In 1980, Maria had married her beloved husband Janusz Bartosik in Austria. In 1982, they welcomed their one and only child Kornelka. Their little family later on that year migrated to Australia to begin a new chapter in their life. Maria was a member of the Seventh day Adventist church at Dandenong Polish Church. They lived at the SDA church as care takers before moving into their family home in Dandenong.

Mum was an amazing cook. She was dedicated, hard-working and was never afraid of any challenges ahead of her. I learned so much from her about cooking and different recipes. Even if I tried to cook her recipes it would not taste as delicious as her’s. When I was a child, Mum took part in pathfinders. And cooking for the children with other aunts. These fun, adventurous memories I will never forget.

My mum loved driving to the beach and just sitting on the bench or sand and watching the beautiful scenery in silence. She enjoyed going for walks with her girlfriends, she loved the colour pink. She enjoyed shopping especially when she found a good sale. Her favourite musician was Andre Rieu, especially during her illness she said “The Music brings me peace and relaxes me”. She loved classical music. 

Mum was my inspiration and role model she always looked on the brighter side and stayed positive despite troubles and sorrow. She taught me concentrate on what you have, be thankful for this and not what is missing. She always put others before herself. Even with little things, or giving the small penny that she owned to help other she Said ‘One day someone will help you or receive when you least expect.’

She was compassionate, caring, giving and But most important possessed strong faith and hope in God.

Mum was first diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2008 at Sandringham hospital. Receiving back surgery, radio and chemo therapy she went into remission. Sadly the disease relapsed numerous times into the brain, eye, spine and neck. Mum used orthodox and natural medicine to help fight the cancer. Every admission into the Alfred Oncology ward she would stay positive and say I’m in my second home again. Look im on the seventh floor in my penthouse overlooking the beautiful city sky. She never complained and always stayed positive. She would say “Good comes out of everything even if you can’t see it at the time, God is always with us.” She was such a fighter. Most importantly, she accepted which ever path that God had chosen for her; she had peace, the hope of salvation and trust in the Lord. Her favourite bible text

Was Psalm 23 The Lord is my shepherd. He was her comforter. Despite all her pain and suffering she always said “Its OK, things will be good.” Sadly, mum passed away on Sunday 10th of July 2011 at Mc Culloch house palliative care unit, Clayton at 3.43pm . I will never forget the three beautiful words “I LOVE YOU” and her soft loving kisses.

I’m so thankful for the 3 years that I had to spend with mum. I did wish we could have enjoyed her trip away to Poland, but im so grateful for the precious moments we shared. Mum was so happy to that she got to spend time with her beloved sister Krysia who visited us last year, she was so

Grateful for that opportunity to be with her sister. They were best friends despite the long distance between them. She has gone from this earth too early, so young and so loving, called away too soon. I know she had found peace in our Lord Jesus Christ and is resting in a better place. Rev:21.4 God has wiped away every tear from her eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no pain, for former things have passed. I don’t know how I will cope without you. I miss you so dearly that words can’t explain how my heart feels. I truly believe Gods presence gave her peace strength to overcome her suffering and say I love you and hear me say “I love you too and we will see each other in heaven soon. The Lord is with you always” in the final moments before resting.

To all that helped Mum and our family, I know you all know individually who you are, the list is long. Family, Friends, work colleagues, our church brothers and sisters. Many thanks and blessings to you for all your support and help. Mum appreciated it so so much, and it was a big help for me too through this difficult time. 

It is an honour for me to share these precious memories with everyone. I had the best mum in the world, a beautiful flower, an angel, our sunshine.

May you rest in peace mummy; your memory will live on forever. I will love you forever. I long for that day when we will reunite in the beautiful heavens above. What a joy it will be. Life of eternity.

Mum was a beloved mother, wife, sister, and friend. Dad, Mick and I love you and thank you for all that you have done for us. We cherish this immensely.

Goodbye MUM, May you rest in peace, it’s only a short beauty sleep. Love you. Kocham CIe bardzo. Do zobaczenia w niebie….