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Sabbath, October 31st

Watch now newest sermon from 31th of October presented by pastor Roman Chalupka. Go back to top of..
Media Team - 2015.11.04

And it was good just as it should!

Light, stars, animals, humans. We’ve all heard the story and know it well. Some can even recite te..
Media Team - 2015.11.04

Upcoming events in November

Media Team - 2015.11.02

Sabbath, October 24th

Watch now newest two sermons from 24th of October presented by pastor Derek Morris. Go back to top..
Media Team - 2015.10.26

Sabbath, October 17th

Watch now newest sermons from 17th of October presented by brother Bodo Siemianowicz. Go back to t..
Media Team - 2015.10.21

Derek Morris at Polish–Dandy!

We cordially invite everyone to participate in two meetings with pastor Derek Morris who unexpecte..
Media Team - 2015.10.19

Upcoming events in October

Media Team - 2015.10.13

Piano recital with music of Frederic Chopin

When exploring and trying to understand Polish culture, the majority of the time the music of Fred..
Roman Chalupka - 2015.10.08
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