Event: Secrets of Prophecy

 Saturday 6 Aug 2016

Prophecies always were the subject of interest of many people. But people not always realised this, sometimes calling them just predictions, intuition or feelings. But what was always true was that they were secrets. Not all could understand them and many of those predictions were hidden behind some symbols. So there was a need of interpreting them as most people did not know what they mean.


One of the most important books in the world is the Bible. Among its 66 canonical books there are many prophecies and in fact it can be called the prophecy book, but these prophecies differ from all others. Firstly, they are not so sensational but at the same time more adequate to our times and events. As nearly everyone asks the same questions, ‟How this world will end?” or ‟Is there any way out of this terrible situation of our world?”, it is impossible to neglect the prophecies or just be indifferent to their meaning. This seminar — "Secrets of Prophecy” will help you to understand what is happening around us, who will control the world, what will happen to the European Union and such superpowers like USA or Russia and many similar questions. We invite you and encourage to participate in this interesting series of meetings. Absolutely free and absolutely valuable. Come and meet us on Saturday at 4 pm. – 100 James Street, Dandenong.

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