Event: Sabbath service, 13th July

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 Main speaker: Sharee Patrick
 Friday 12 Jul 2019     9:30 am    Live stream starts at 11:00 am

So often in church, youth group, or bible study, we turn to the gospels to learn and gain life from Jesus himself!

We see the acts church, and get inspired by the flame of the holy spirit that allowed the first Christians to turn the world upside down for Christ!

How incredible that God promises that for his church!
But, if we are honest, that is not our reality today. As we look around our church, we can notice the families that have left, we see the young people walk out the doors and we wonder how can we become that vibrant, spirit-led movement again?
Growing young is a researched book that seeks to help young people discover and love your church, it seeks to unite our church again based on 6 Essential strategies found in the gospels and the book of acts!

Yes the title is growing young, but as Christians, we know that when we seek and are filled with the Holy Spirit we are renewed on the inside, and become as children before God!
If you truly want to see the body of Christ United once more, this is an incredible place to start!


Friday night: 7pm.
A program targeted at young people, discussing the promise that God has for them within the church. They are not the future, they are the present. They are so valuable and needed within our church! If you are a young person seeking for more, Christ has a purpose for you within his Body!

Saturday 9.30am:
In this church session we will seek to outline the key points of the growing young research. What the 6 key strategies are and how simple and effective they have already been in churches around the world. This is Christ's method!

Saturday afternoon 2.30pm:
This will be an info session, where the 6 strategies can be broken down more and also questions can be asked!

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Photos by: Mikee Wawruszak