Event: Stress and your health?

 Tuesday 24 Apr 2018     7:00 pm
Stress is a constant component of our life. We realise that sometimes we need a little push in our activities, but too much of these pushes create tension and make us even more nervous. How to avoid the stress we do not need? 
The ANTI-STRESS SEMINAR will help you much. Five meetings that will give you not only the knowledge what is stress and what it causes but how to manage it. Want to be the overcomer? Yes, sure! Than come for the seminar. Five meetings and admission free.
1.- Stress definition. — How do you manage stress?
2.- What is overloading by stimulation?
3.- Stress — my friend or enemy?
4.- Stress and your health?
5.- Stress as an effect of communication and our use of time
Starting on Tuesday, April 3,  2018 at 7 pm. Facility — hall, 100 James Street, Dandenong. 
To be sure how many attendants, please register: 0432 058 233. The sooner the better.
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