Event: Sabbath service, October 28th


Saturday 28 Oct, 9:30 am

Our weekly Sabbath worship is here to bring you closer to God and get to better understand His wonderful intentions for us.

This week God’s Word will be preached by pastor Grant-Skiba. All are invited!


Reformation 500th Anniversary 

Dear friends, visitors, sisters and brothers. It is my privilege to cordially invite you for a special program dedicated to the 500th anniversary of reformation, held in the Polish Church in Dandenong on the 28th October this year. Apart from Martin Luther’s own children’s stories, we have prepared a sermon on the topic of one of the fundamental themes of Reformation – Solus Christus, only Jesus. It is worth refreshing our protestant identity, reminding ourselves of its Biblical roots, and remember that the reformation changed the world. Its challenges are as relevant today, if not more, as 500 years ago. This is why I would like to extend this warm invitation to you. This, special program will also continue after lunch, at 2:30 pm. 

God bless you & see you there. 
— Karol Skiba 


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Photos by: Filip Wawruszak, Mikee Wawruszak