The WordSmith | Published 2020/06/27

Never (Grace)

By Tom Kasprzak

Have you evever felt like the prodigal son (or daughter) returning to the father's arms after going your own way?

What did it feel like? What does grace feel like? How do you imagine the prodigal son felt like after being received by his father with open arms?

A while ago I attempted to unpack this feeling and the emotions I was feeling at the time (and still do) when thinking of his grace towards me.

Spending some time with God thanking him for his grace and to be called his child I wrote these words in my prayer journal,  I hope you find it useful.


Never (Grace)

Ive never felt like this before

What is this?

Is this what grace feels like?

To be remembered not forgotten

To be redeemed not condemned

To be set free not enslaved to sin

To be loved & not forsaken

Feels like a fluffy warm blanket holding me tight

But its so much more words cannot explain

I’ve never felt like this before

I want to pass it on

Share it around

Tell others about it... help them feel the same

What is this?

Is this what grace feels like?

- To be given 1000 chances

to be lifted when I fall down

To be shown the way when I'm lost

To be held and not let go

How can I explain gods grace?

When I can't fully understand and comprehend it depth

For God so loved me that he gave his only son to take my place to die the cross instead of me

So what is this?

Is this what Grace feels like?

To stay connected and not alone

To have forgiveness though undeserved

To be shown mercy when I have shown none

To be called his child

To be changed and never the same....

What is this?

Is this what Grace feels like?

Though I don't understand it, it was warm from deep inside

A peace though the world around me crumbles

Lord I pray that You can shine your grace through me and lead others to accept your Grace

So they too can know what Grace feels like