The WordSmith | Published 2020/06/12

There where he takes me

By Tom Kasprzak

A relationship with the almighty God in heaven is a journey.... A life long journey, it has both its ups and downs, its highs and lows.

My prayer journal entry below was inspired by the place in the picture above. A serene place in Nepal's Hymalayan mountains not far from Mt Everest. (the roof of the world)

Yes I was there, I took the picture spending some time in the silence contemplating how God has lead me in the last few years, soaking up his creation, his love and grace for me.

I still dream about this spot (literally dream), that river flowing from who knows where to the ocean. Ten major rivers originate in the Himalaya and supply freshwater to 1.3 billion people. It's literally the water of life.

Hows your journey with God, with the almighty, with your Lord and Saviour, the one who died in your place?

If you haven't contemplated/meditated/ thought about it in a while I challenge you to spend some time in basking God's presence asking him to show you your journey.

Anyway here is my prayer journal entry after visiting this place. I hope you find it useful and inspiring


There where he takes me 

He takes me from one height to another 

Stronger and stronger with him he wants to make me

He brings me up

Up to the roof of the world


There where he takes me

There where he meets me

In the quiet still thin air

By the mountain spring he renews my soul

He reminds me of the covenant and the promises he made to me

He’s the water of life flowing from places unseen by human eye

Bringing to life the dark places of my heart


As the water of life flows into the sea

It washes me clean taking with it all the darkness

Drowned for all eternity into its depths

Never to be seen again

To this place I must return

For this place my soul yearns


There where he takes me 

There where he meets me

My God

My redeemer

It’s the water of life I thirst for

And it’s joyous love I wait to explore

It’s his wonderful love I am thankful for

Whatever I do wherever I go

There where he takes me

There where he leads me

I want to go


This water of life

This love

This grace

This forgiveness

This healing

This reconciliation with the almighty 

I am unworthy 

Not even a bit

Even with my best efforts I’ll never attain

The life from him

That comes free as a gift

It cost him everything to set me free


There where he takes me

There where he chose me

My God my redeemer 

My friend my saviour 

I must chose him 

I do chose him

My God my saviour 


Anonymous (Andy) 1 years ago

Tom, you are a deep running river, and I'm so grateful for the words of power and healing which flow out of you!✝🙏🏻🙌🏻