The WordSmith | Published 2020/04/30

Fleeting Moments

By Tom Kasprzak

Have you ever had an experience with God that has left you completely in awe, completely speechless, shaking like a leaf with some sort of joyous emotion you have never felt before?

Where the divide between the divine and the human has for just for a brief a moment opened up. When God himself has made his presence felt and you at the same time have been receptive enough to open your heart to his presence.

I've had a few such experiences in my life, the last one was on a trip to New Zealand in Dec 2018. But only now in 2020 am I really only beginning to understand and come to grips with the last encounter with My Lord and Saviour.

Im still in awe, still speechless eagerly waiting for the next "Fleeting Moment" and I ask myself. Why doesn’t this happen more often? Is it because I come to God with requests, questions and complaints. Even in thankfulness, gratitude and praise I'm always talking....

But do I listen?

How often do I come into God's presence just to sit at his feet and enjoy his company? How often do I sit still, just "Know that he is God" and listen to that still small voice?

Below is my prayer journal entry for that day. I hope you find it useful.


Fleeing moments 

Those fleeting moments when the vail between us is open just a little

When the great big wall between us cracks open just enough to let your presence shine through 

When I can feel you close to me

You are right there holding me close embracing me

The joy I feel in those moments

I don’t want you to let me go

I don’t want that vail to be closed for the fog of life to return

You don’t go anywhere and leave me

It’s me who turns and goes my own way

But you are always there with your nail pierced hand stretched out

Just waiting for me to take it

Oh! Those fleeting moments

When when I feel you take my hand

There is nothing in this world that can compare

when I can feel you stand right there.

Right there you always wait

Wait for me to turn my eyes towards you

If only I could die to self and truly let go

Let go of my pride

Let go of my lusts and wants

Let go of selfish thoughts

Praise your name o God!! For you even help me with these

Even this PRAISE YOUR NAME!! you take 

Those fleeting moments when I feel you stand and whisper 

I love you

You are mine

You are precious

My beloved…

You chose me

You come to find me, even when I’m stumbling around in the darkness

Dirty, Gasping Desperate for you 

You show me your kingdom

Those fleeting moments what a treasure

A welcome home sign

A signal of things to come 

A slice of heaven.....

Just a taste

Those fleeting moments

I just cant wait

Cant wait until the next time I go to meet you

The next time you find me and I find you

Worship at your throne

Sit at your feet

Lord I’m restless 

Hungry for more

Those fleeting moments 

I want more

I need more

Feed me my God the bread of life from your table

Let me drink at your well and never be thirsty

My rock

My firm foundation

My horizon.....

You keep me upright 

Picking me up every time I stumble and fall

In Those fleeting moments

You show me you are there

You show me how much you care

Care for the smallest detail of my life

Fleeting moments

Fleeting moments 

With you 

Close to you

I want more.


The Backstory

Lake Megregor near Tekapo New Zealand

That an amazing time with my lord and saviour.

It was something like 5 in the morning I couldn’t sleep the bed of the camper wasn’t comfortable at all, so I got up and went for a walk to the lake just enjoying the sunrise, watching and listening to all manner of birds flying and squawking about.

It was probably the quietest I’ve felt for a long time, possibly since that time in Nepal.

By quietest I mean, still, silent, just enjoying the moment, not thinking what’s ahead or what’s behind me.

Just thanking God for the morning and soaking it in. I’m not really an early riser so it was unusual to be up at this time.

Suddenly I felt a presence an overwhelming but welcome presence standing just next to me.

At first I didn’t recognise who it was. The emotions in that moment, what love and what joy, overwhelming, almost frightening. 

It was him, my redeemer Jesus! standing next to me with his arm around me, just enjoying the moment with me. I can’t recall that any words were spoken. 

There was no need, his embrace felt like a warm blanket of love holding me tight, that’s the only way to describe it.

It’s like he was all at once saying

Look at this beauty I created just for you

I love you

You are mine

My passion for you is endless

Follow me

Oh! I wish I could have been in his presence a little while longer. Just as suddenly as he came he was gone.

Like a fog had descended between us. I knew he was still there but I couldn’t feel him anymore, at least not like a few moments ago.

Like a vail or a wall between us had suddenly come up

Now I feel a loss like something is missing like something is just not right 

That wall, that fog between us but yet I feel complete and whole like never before.

As I left that spot still elated and overwhelmed I sang Blessed Assurance thanking God for meeting me that day.