At Church | Published 2015/10/08

Piano recital with music of Frederic Chopin

By Roman Chalupka

When exploring and trying to understand Polish culture, the majority of the time the music of Frederick Chopin comes to the fore, as a rich source of insight into the culture of Poland and understanding what being Polish means. Every five years, the International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition has become a starting point for aspiring pianists who feel somewhat connected to Polish culture, in honing their craft and understanding of the culture of Poland. Its noticeable that the pianists who beautifully perform the works of Chopin, themselves have within them what may be described as a "Polish Soul"; in that they think to an extent in a Polish way, live in a Polish way and regard themselves as Polish.

This year's seventeenth Competition of the music of Chopin is yet again an opportunity for Polish Australians to organise a concert of this beautiful music. The pianist performing this year will be Mr. Konrad Olszewski, a young and talented artist with Polish family heritage who is a member and laureate of the University of Melbourne's Musical Conservatory who has taken part in many musical concerts, events and competitions.

Konrad Olszewski has been a guest recital performer at the Dandenong Polish Australian Seventh-Day Adventist Church, participating in charity concerts and other events. On this occasion we will have the opportunity to listen to a full recital of the music of Chopin. The programme of the concert will include pieces such as Barcarolle, a selection of Mazurkas, Waltzes as well as Sonata no. 3, Scherzo no. 2 and two Ballades, no.3 and no. 4.
We cordially invite everyone to attend this special event. Entry is free and there will be an opportunity provided at the door for guests to make a freewill monetary donation.
Following the concert, we invite all our guests to stay for some light refreshments.

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