At Church | Published 2013/08/10


By Donna Romanczuk
Fighting sin. Is it possible?

We gathered for fellowship on this sunny Sabbath morning to praise our loving Father, in awe of His goodness and love.

After studying the Sabbath School lesson, Anna Wasilewska shared news about the spread of the Gospel throughout Europe. We heard how our brothers and sisters in Portugal, Bulgaria and in the Czech Republic are spreading God's good news. 

Let us join in prayer with our brothers and sisters to lead more people to an understanding of God's true character and His Gospel.


In the second half of our worship Pastor Trent Martin led the sermon.

Pastor Trent started with an engaging story for the children – both young and old – about the Pentecost. The kids were very involved thanks to the interactive way Pastor Trent presented and highlighted that we should never stop believing our Father.


Next, for the whole congregation, the Pastor had a very personal and powerful message about sin. Pastor Trent went on to say that because of the fall, sin isn't only something we do but also part of us. Until Jesus' return, we will have tendencies to fall back onto sin. 

Pastor Trent then presented a view of three types of people:

- Fighting sin and winning

- Fighting sin and losing

- Those not fighting at all

Which group do you belong to?


To find out more, we invite you to watch and listen to the whole sermon:

Vimeo: Pr Trent Martin - 2013.08.10
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