At Church | Published 2012/03/10


to fear ... or not to fear ...

2012 – to fear ... or not to fear ...

This is the title of a series of presentations that will be delivered by pr Zenon Korostenski, starting Friday 16 in our church.

The presentations deal with the sensational predictions regarding the end of the world, which according to the Mayan calendar, will take place on the 21 of December 2012. Faced with so many predictions, some of them very frightening, what should we do? Prepare? If so, how? Ignore? If so, why?

The series of six presentations will answer many questions that we might have. The presentations will be in Polish, but will be translated to English.
Reserve your time – invite your friends!

The dates / times are:

● Friday March 16, 7pm:
 Future without Secrets

● Saturday March 17, 5pm: Nostradamus Sybilla and Other Prophets

● Sunday March 18, 5pm: The European Union - Predictions and Prophecies 2012

● Friday March 23, 7pm:
 To Fear or Not To Fear

● Saturday March 24, 4pm:  
Modern Spiritism

                                 5pm:  The Bible Code

Dandenong Polish-Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church 100 James Street

Free Admission