At Church | Published 2012/02/28


By Grazyna Jankiewicz

Saturday February 25 at our church was a joyful and a sad occasion at the same time. It was
a day of "marriage" and the day of farewell. Pastor Mariusz Wieczorek led the ceremony of
baptism - that was a joyful part of that day. The sad thing was that this was the last Saturday
with pastor Mariusz because after almost 3 years of work in our church he leaves Australia
for England. We said goodbye to him with poems, tears, wishes, gifts and hope to meet him
again ... somewhere ... sometime ...

We have been blessed in this church to have such a great man of God and we would like
“this blessing” to return to us.

Dear Pastor Mariusz, thank you warmly for instilling in our church the spirit of evangelism; for
your caring and kindness; a smile for each individual, and fruitful pastoral work! You are in
our hearts and will always be a part of our congregation. Our prayer is that - when you're in
London – the Lord blesses everything you put your hands on in the name of the Lord.
                                                 Members of the Polish-Australian SDA Church in Dandenong