At Church | Published 2011/11/02

Kid’s Fun Day

By M Wieczorek / tłumaczenie G.Jankiewicz
Day of fellowship and celebration

It was another day of fellowship and celebration. I would even say that it exceeded all the previous annual events in warmth and great atmosphere.

The weather was rainy and windy at times, but the day was full of the fruits of the holy Spirit which generated unforgettable experiences.

It was a delight to hear some people that just came to be a part of the fun, and they said: “We are new in this community, we just moved in, and we would like to worship with you – when can we do this?”

I hope to see them soon!

An owner of the equipment hired for the day was amazed, because they did not experience such a nice cheerful atmosphere for a long time. Adults were nourished by kindness, goodness and love. Children on the other hand, had a blast with all three jumping castles, tower of terror, face painting, arts and crafts, films. The children were often in the animal enclosure, patting, feeding and playing with the animals. The adults enjoyed the presentation by the fire brigade on fire safety and a vegetarian cooking presentation. Everyone could enjoy the beautifully decorated church inside and outside, done by our youth, who were also involved in many other activities.

If you want to experience a family, this was a day to do it in Dandenong! Kids and their whole families were leaving with balloons, full of helium but not only that – full of joy and kindness that was served along with pancakes and hotdogs as if from a never-ending source. Bags full of hope expressed in books and cd’s and candies were taken home by all the participants.

Thanks to the generosity and kind heart of our brothers and sisters, we could serve free fairy floss to the community, an experience of childhood donated by good hearts. The jumping castles and tower of terror, some of the main attractions of the event, were also sponsored by members who wanted to give of their heart and funds to children in the community around the church. Also, the tents that were such a blessing when the rain encouraged us to seek shelter were a great place of refuge thanks to another person’s generosity.

I would like to say great thanks to God for the opportunity we have to be together, since we can make each other’s lives so exciting when we have the right attitude. I would like to thank all the people who involved their funds, their talents and their time, for their generosity and kindness in creating this unforgettable time and sharing themselves with the church and community.