Event: Sabbath worship (combined)

 Main speaker: Roman Chalupka
 Saturday 1 Jan 2022     9:30 am
 Live stream starts at  9:30 am

Dear Church Family,

This is a great joy that today is the end of the year 2021. We have registered it in our memories as  nor even the „normal year”.
Praise the Lord that no-one  got Covid-19, but it was not easy. Lockdowns and restrictions, this is what will stay in our minds.

Today we planned to have the great time of praising God in the Church, but we cannot have it.
Because of possibility that in one person is probably possibility of contact with the virus last week, feeling the responsibility for your safety and health, we made decision of cancellation of the new year meeting as well as tomorrow worship.
Of course it will be available on our web-page (dandypolish.com) as well as in YouTube.
We cordially encourage you to participate this way in the meeting. Our decision is caused by the situation in our State and great caution.

If the test results will be negative – what will be positive for all of us – so next week we’ll come back to normal worship.
We trust that it will be so and the Lord will give us such possibility, healing those who have now the suspicion.
At the same time we appeal to all of you to remember about registering his presence at church through scanning the QR code or putting his name on the list. We are still obliged to keep the distance as well as using the masks. 

And in the New Year 2022 we wish you with all our hearts God’s care, His support and that He would still be for all of you the great source of peace, blessings and care.

--Pastor Roman Chalupka and Church Elder Henry Wawruszak

Worship program:

9:30 Combined worship
10:30 Sabbath school


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