Event: Sabbath service, 29th June

 Main speaker: John Skrzypaszek
 Saturday 29 Jun 2019     9:30 am    Live stream starts at 11:00 am

On Sabbath, 29 June, 2019 the Polish-Australian Seventh-Day Adventist Church will host Dr. John Skrzypaszek, Director of Ellen G. White/SDA Research Centre at Avondale College of Higher Education, who will present two topics. As a morning sermon (at 11 a.m.) he will preach on “Jerusalem – The City of Sorrow and the Crown of God’s Glory”. And after the break for tasty soup and bun we/ll come back to the main church, to listen to Dr. John presentation on topic “Pathway to a Spiritual Crisis – The 1888 General Conference in Minneapolis”, the topic extremely important in history of our church. We cordially invite everyone to listen to his interesting presentations.

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