Pastor's corner | Published 2020/07/24

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ

By Roman Chalupka

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It is my turn again to write a letter to you. I want to comfort you so much, thus I’ll share some thoughts that came to my mind a moment ago. I just recalled some words I once heard. Plagues are disastrous but even terrible calamities can lead to positive outcomes. For the plague can result in unprecedented closeness between the Almighty God and His people.

If you think this is the positive thinking, you are right. And this is what we need so much. Our Lord Jesus said: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.” (John 14:1 NIV) It is interesting that Jesus didn’t say this when everything was going well. When the crowds listened to His sermons, they were healed by Him, when all His new approach to salvation, to God brought only success. He said these words when He knew that the next day He will be accused, that Judas betrayed Him, He knew the battle was going to fight. The battle for us, for the whole world.

How is it with us, that when to authorities talk about the dangers of sickness, we take it very serious at once, ready to accept all restrictions. (And it is OK, I do not see anything wrong in it.) How is it that when doctors makes a severe diagnosis, we believe them with great trust and practise what they suggests? 

But how is it that at the same time when God says to us: “Do not let your hearts be troubled.”, in our mind we have the thoughts: “Well…., it is easy to say do not be troubled! We know so well what we can expect”?

In my service, I met hundreds or even thousands of people who were always ready to believe in everything — newspapers, TV News, some gossips told by or about others, but not in God’s words. “You really believe so, pastor?” they said to me quite often. Sometimes also from so called believers, but in fact NONbelievers. But these words “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” still sound in my ears, and maybe even louder than before.

So, what should we do now? To pray to the Lord of hope, the Lord of promises, the Lord of goodness, the Lord of care and concern, that He would “help us overcome our unbelief!” (Mark 9,24).  That He would give us faith that after this pandemic of coronavirus we’ll come out with victory, not because we’ll not be sick, but because we’ll be close to the Lord, more believing and trusting and depending on Him and also waiting for His return. Anyhow we are Adventists!

I feel that you are smiling now and looking towards the future with hope. And this is what we need, all the time till His return.

With my heart full of optimism and hope, that at the same time is the assurance of what we expect —

Pastor Roman

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