Order meals for the 2019 Kongres

A hungry Pole is an angry Pole, and we want to make you happy!
Please fill in the details below and select the meals which you would like.
It's a piece of cake!

  All meals will be vegetarian.
  Kids meals will be smaller than full meals.


First, let's start with your details

Thursday tea

This meal is free, but we need to know how many people will attend, so that we don't run out of cake!

Friday dinner, 6pm

Rice and stir fry soy proteins slices with vegetables in vegetarian sauce.
Two jumbo vegetarian spring rolls.
Desert: cake, fruit and drink.

Saturday lunch, 1:30pm

Glass noodle tofu salad.
Four vegetarian nuggets.
Desert: cake, fruit and drink.

Saturday dinner, 6pm

Rice and vegetarian yellow curry with soy proteins slices & vegetables.
Crunchy avocado salad, Thai salad dressing.
Desert: cake, fruit and drink

Sunday picnic

Some food will be provided, however we ask you to also bring a plate to share.

Grand total: $0

Payment can be made at your local polish church OR at the Kongres.

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